The 5 best investments of 2015

The 5 best investments of 2015

Fruitful property development can be highly dependent on not only identifying the right opportunities, but also identifying them at appropriate times. Naturally, we at Redbrick Wealth don’t want you to stumble when you try to invest in property, so here is a list of what we consider probably the five most convenient opportunities for investments in 2015.

Which countries are economically moving in the right direction?

Though Europe has been something of a problem part of the global economy for quite a few years now, the situation is slowly improving and so fresh, exciting opportunities for investment property could soon emerge there. Other parts of the world that are noticeably going places financially include India, where the recent election of the government of Narendra Modi has encouraged more corporate confidence.

Pay attention to the stable ‘safe haven’ markets

The trend of money flowing from parts of the world in economic or political crisis to more stable markets has continued even despite the world economy having moved towards overcoming several big stumbles. So, it could be a good idea to look at a variety of locations within major world cities, like London, New York and Vancouver, that are still considered ‘safe havens’.

However, keep an eye out for promising emerging markets

Sure, you are likely to continue spying investment opportunities in traditionally financially significant areas of cities such as London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. However, as revealed by last year’s The Wealth Report, emerging markets are going to be responsible for much of the world’s growth in wealth in 2015. We reckon that these markets are likely to include, among others the historic Tiong Bahru neighbourhood in Singapore and Cape Town’s CBD – so keep an eye on these places.

There are good value opportunities in some overlooked markets

Certain property markets, like those of Dublin, Rome and Madrid, have long shrunk in values and demand due to first the global credit crunch and then the Eurozone crisis. However, the low prices in these markets could make them ideal to enter now, in preparation for when they recover.

Whatever opportunities you look at, remember to consider the infrastructure

The advanced infrastructure of major cities helps to make them consistently reliable places to invest in property. However, paying lots of attention to these cities could lead you to overlook more obscure locations that have embraced infrastructural development and so could also be promising for you.

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