Joint Venture Opportunity

JOINT VENTURE OPPORTUNITY – 8-10% fixed annual returns

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This is a unique opportunity to invest totally hands off alongside one of the directors of Redbrick Wealth whilst earning market beating returns with minimal risk. After downloading the brochure, we will send you more detailed background information about the development arm of Redbrick and behind the scenes information from our latest project.

• Once bank lending eases this opportunity will be gone
• As near ZERO RISK as you can get
• Funds secured with a charge (i.e. ZERO risk) on UK property asset
• Clear & flexible exit strategy
• Asset will be in an excellent location in the South East of England
• Escrow can be used for all fund transfers (on client request)
• 8 – 10% annual returns
• Bank beating positive returns from day 1 of completion


✓ Fixed return of 8-10% NET per year
✓ We have an extensive, proven track record
✓ Decades of property investment experience
✓ Existing, successful property portfolio over £20m
✓ Track record of delivering profitable developments
✓ Previous investors have already received returns
from previously completed projects.
✓ Very low risk opportunity
✓ Invest from just £100,000

Request a brochure

We invite you to invest in this JV opportunity for a limited time only. We are able to arrange viewings of previously completed projects (with investor funds re-paid) to show you what type of property asset your funds will be secured against and indeed how the returns are generated. We have an extensive track record and are happy to show you these projects in person.

Please contact us for a copy of the JV Brochure: [email protected]

We made our first investment with Redbrick in August 2013 and were so impressed with the way we were looked after, we have since made 7 further investments with Nick and Michelle. We continue to be very happy with their approach and service.

Adrian | Client

It was important to us to work with a company that were passionate about securing the right investments for us, and not focused on any commissions from developers. Redbrick Wealth’s values and approach fitted perfectly with this and we have invested through them on several projects. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Sarah | Client