Fractional Ownership

Is Fractional Ownership suitable for you?

In a nutshell, fractional ownership offers a unique opportunity for unconnected
buyers to collectively and securely own the freehold of a property. This benefits
investors with a low financial outlay, no mortgage requirements, less financial
risk, and the opportunity to buy into a 5 star holiday home that most of us could
only dream of owning. When you buy a fraction investment with one of
our developers, a new companyis created that owns the property. This
company has a nominated number of membership fractions (usually 13 or 26)
and investors can choose to buy one or more of these membership fractions.
As a company, you own the legal freehold and title deeds of the property.

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Fractional Ownership

Most fractional investments will allow you time in the property every year, which is typically 4 weeks of residency per year (this varies depending on the exact package of the investment you choose). This is not the same as Timeshare because you legally own the deeds of the property, have no ongoing maintenance issues and get an income if you don’t use it.

✓ Invest from just £11,500
✓ Get fixed rate returns of 10%-12% per year
✓ No searching for tenants or dealing with landlord problems
✓ No mortgage required
✓ Buy into a luxury 5* lifestyle
✓ Get more investments for your money
✓ Spread your cash – reduce your risk
✓ Hands off, fully managed investments
✓ Lower levels of cash needed to invest

tick-iconYou can diversify your portfolio.

Instead of putting £100,000 into one property, you can buy a fractional investment across 4 or 5 different luxury properties in different locations. Not only does this spread your funds into a wider portfolio (minimising any risk involved) but you also end up with several luxury holiday homes overseas.

tick-iconYou can invest in property with only a small amount of savings.

If you want to invest in property to secure your financial future but don’t have enough cash for a deposit, or are not eligible for a buy-to-let mortgage, you CAN start building a property investment portfolio now using fractional ownership. Investments start from just £11,500 and offer fixed rental returns of 9-12% per year.

tick-iconOwn your own dream holiday property, without the outlay of cash

Buying into a fraction of a luxury holiday home allows you to experience a 5 star lifestyle many of us would only dream of having. This is an incredible benefit that allows you to live a luxury lifestyle now, at the same time as securing your financial future.

What deals are available?

We have a selection of 5* luxury hotel deals that offer fractional investment options, stunning luxury holiday homes and very attractive rental returns.


Our friendly and experienced team are always available for a no-obligation chat if you would like to discuss your individual circumstances with us. We are always happy to talk you through fractional ownership and the deals we have available in more detail.

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