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Our press team at Redbrick Wealth are always looking for interesting magazines, newspapers, newsletters, radio shows and TV programs to get involved with to help educate people on the basics of investing in property.

If you would like to contact us to work on an article or piece for your publication or channel we are more than happy to assist and help you to provide some interesting, tantalising and entertaining editorial for your audience to enjoy. Please contact us with some details of your publication and a member of our press team will get back to you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you, Redbrick Wealth’s Press Team.

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Redbrick Wealth has a selection of ‘hands off’ and ‘hands on’ property investments across the UK, including Buy-to-Let and HMO property, development sites, and Loan Note opportunities. Because of the leading reputation of the developers we work with and the experience of our team, all our investments offer excellent security and are usually reserved quickly. To keep one step ahead, sign up to our mailing list to receive our bi-weekly updates.

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Our experienced and friendly team are always available to answer any questions on our investment opportunities. We love a challenge and would be happy to try and find a deal that beats the returns of any investment you are currently considering. Whatever your query and level of experience, we are here to help.

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