Celebrities are trusting in property to build wealth


Celebrities are trusting in property to build future wealth, alongside their already successful careers.

Recent years have seen celebrities of all ages across a variety of industries (including film, sport, business, and retail) trusting their savings in the property market, investing for the longer term, securing impressive investment returns and seeing their property portfolios as their pensions of the future. With hugely successful careers behind them within their own field (already providing a wealthy lifestyle) this demonstrates that the UK property market is as strong and rewarding as ever, remaining the most obvious and trusted choice to build future wealth.

The old adage of “investing in bricks and mortar” has certainly helped the likes of Sir Alan Sugar, Sarah Willingham, Robbie Fowler and Rupert Grint in their quest for long term financial security.

Sir Alan Sugar

While Sir Alan Sugar is perhaps best known for bringing the computer industry to the masses in the shape of Amstrad (a play on his name Alan Michael Sugar and Trading) he now invests the majority of his funds into property. The billionaire businessman may have secured his early fortune via Amstrad but he now owns a commercial property portfolio centred around London and the financial district. He recently made a £50 million profit on a 40,000 ft.² redevelopment near St Pauls having secured an £80 million sale price.

In a recent Telegraph article Apprentice winner Mark Wright told how Lord Sugar advised him that you “make money from property and do business for fun”. This is a far cry from the heyday of his Amstrad computer business and it’s very humble beginnings.

Sarah Willingham

Sarah Willingham is one of the popular new additions to Dragon’s Den where she uses her entrepreneurial experience to find new investments and help those starting in business. While she made her millions in the restaurant industry, Sarah Willingham is one of a growing breed of celebrity now looking to invest in property for her future. Along with her business partner and husband, she readily admits to having a small pension to fall back on while growing her property portfolio and business investments.

It seems that the relative long term security and rental yields on buy to let investments are being used more and more as a backbone for long-term financial planning. Property investment has in effect become the pension fund of the future for many.

Robbie Fowler

While still a legend at Liverpool football club, Robbie Fowler invested in his first property at the tender age of 18 after receiving advice from then Liverpool manager Graeme Souness. He is now one of the most famous sporting property investors having not only built up a multi-million pound property portfolio over the years but created a very successful property advisory service called the “Property Academy”.

Rupert Grint

While other actors from the famous Harry Potter saga still chase the headlines, and the accolades, actor Rupert Grint chose a different career path in property investment. At the relatively young age of 24 he has a multi-million pound property empire worth in excess of £10 million based predominantly in a 20 mile radius around his Hertfordshire home. He has funnelled his significant film royalties from his role as Ron Weasley in Harry Potter into his property empire which continues to grow.

Securing various buy to let investments across London’s commuter belt offers potential for significant capital appreciation and rental income growth in the longer term. Focusing upon the London commuter belt has required a significant outlay from Rupert Grint. It has been reported that he recently acquired three properties around his home village for a combined figure in excess of £9 million.

So to follow in the footsteps of savvy celebrities and secure your future financial security, it appears that property is definitively the way forward, with your daytime career sitting firmly on the sidelines.

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