Carbon Neutral Policy

Redbrick Wealth’s Environmental Policy

We are 100% carbon neutral!

Here at Redbrick Wealth we care about our environmental impact and are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions. We aim to have ZERO carbon impact on the environment which is why we have implemented our 3 stage “carbon reduction commitment” plan. Please view below:

Stage 1. Evaluate our carbon impact

We have partnered with a leading carbon reduction expert to assess our environmental carbon impact. We have calculated our “carbon footprint” by looking at both our office activities (light, heat, paper e.t.c.) as well as our vehicles and the materials we use when carrying out our work. Now that we understand our carbon footprint we can go about reducing it and eliminating it to zero…

Stage 2. Reduce our carbon emissions

How do we do this in real terms? Well we start with the below and more…

✓ We buy recycled paper for use in our offices
✓ We maximize the use of environmentally friendly products
✓ We use duplex printing & discourage unnecessary printing to reduce the paper consumed
✓ We are involved in a number of recycling schemes (inc paper + plastics)
✓ We minimise mileage by careful meeting planning, Skype and use of e-mails.

Stage 3. Offset the remaining carbon so we’re 100% Carbon Neutral

We have partnered with Carbon Clear (a well known carbon reduction consultancy) to help us workout our remaining carbon footprint and to then offset it 100%. We have invested in emission reduction projects in various developing countries which also helps to improve many livelihoods overseas as well as reducing our own carbon footprint to ZERO.