We are a property buyer’s agent

We work for property investors as a ‘buyer’s agent’, using our expertise to source
developments with great investment potential.   Unlike other investment agents,
we work for you, and not for the developer.  We help you to navigate through the
minefield of buying property, supporting you every step of the way to ensure a
smooth, simple and profitable buying experience.

✓ reliable ✓ dependable ✓ ethical ✓ experienced ✓ friendly

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We are a dedicated buyer’s agent:

We work for YOU and not the seller/developer. We are retained by our clients for a good reason, as we know the UK & many Overseas property markets inside and out, we are investors ourselves, and we are here to protect you when buying an investment property. Clients come to us so that they can avoid the overseas ‘estate agents’ who work for the seller, and ultimately are trying to sell the apartment that earns them the most amount of commission.

We are a ‘property investment company’ and we are investors like you:

We put our money where our mouth is, by using our own money to buy in to many of these developments.  This demonstrates that we are fully confident in the sites that we offer. We have a vested interest in each site that we offer which means that we are totally committed to your purchase being a success, not just selling you a property and never speaking to you again.  We’re here for the long haul and will help you throughout your purchase right up to completion and beyond.

Outstanding Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on our customer service, it’s why we’ve been in business since 2003 and have easily survived the credit crunch.  Our clients return to us with repeat business as they recognise the value of our expertise.  We will go to any length to ensure that you will enjoy working with us and enjoy your new property whether it be in the UK or overseas.

Whenever you call us, email us or leave a message, someone will call you back promptly so that you can ask any questions you need with zero hassle. We aim to delight our customers at all times and there is always someone there when you need them. We guarantee our service because we’re so confident that we will live up to our reputation:

We are experienced sourcing agents in the UK & Overseas:

We hand pick the best resorts and investments based on their investment potential so that YOU make more money.  That’s why you will only see a handful of select developments on our website, because we refuse to sell poor quality stock just because it has a nice glossy brochure and a high commission level.  We only work with developers with a proven track record, who are financially stable, and who we believe are reputable, trustworthy and secure.

Due diligence, Due diligence, Due diligence!

We only offer overseas sites where we have had the following checked:

✓ Land title checks
✓ Ownership checks
✓ Planning permission checks
✓ Checks on any permits or licenses that may be required
✓ Background checks on the developer’s track record and past projects
✓ Financial health check of the developer’s current financial situation
✓ Local knowledge checks – includes word of mouth checks with local lawyers, past clients etc. to establish if the developer is as reputable as they might claim to be.

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